How to attract men and make your male friend want to date you

You may have recently realized that you want to take things with a male friend to the next level. It can often be difficult to move out the Friend Zone with a male friend, particularly if you have known him for years. Follow these basic don’ts and dos on how to attract men and make your guy friend want to go on a date with you.

how to attract men1. Don’t act like one of his male friends
If you have had a long lasting friendship with a guy, it’s most likely that he has become accustomed to viewing you as “one of the guys”. If this has happened, you need to change his perception immediately. Don’t encourage any overly vulgar or gross jokes, or whatever else he does when he is around his male friends. You should always make it clear that his rude behavior is not OK around you by shaking your head or looking shocked.

2. Don’t act like you’re his younger sister
Your male friend may be very protective and loyal towards you, in the same way that he would view his sister. This is fine, but this can often dampen any romantic prospects from developing. You need to prove to him that you don’t necessarily need to be protected by him all the time. Don’t act like you rely on him to make responsible and mature decisions. Be more independent and his attraction to you will grow.

3. Don’t become his best friend
If you and your male pal are best friends, it will be tough for a romantic relationship to blossom. If you want him to see you as more than just a friend, don’t open up and tell him every personal detail about your life. By being a little more mysterious, it leaves things open to his imagination and could increase his chances of liking you more than a friend.


4. Be Touchy-Feely

To get out of the friendship zone with a guy, you need to turn him on. Start by gesturing a little when you speak, and then naturally extending this to build some physical contact between the two of you.By some body language,let him think more about your relationship.


how to attract men5. Use your position to your advantage.

You’re his friend and you know his likes and dislikes. Capitalize by identifying the types of girls he likes and building strong bonds with his close friends and family. Realize that you also possess the ability to influence his relationship decisions, including some ability to shape his perception of what constitutes an ideal dating partner.


6. Tell him how you feel

Express your desire to be more than just a friend. Let him know about your deeper feelings and ultimate desire to elevate your relationship. This can be difficult. But it’s the only way to help you stop wondering what the real score between you two is.Sometimes, a guy doesn’t know what to say it. He might be hiding special feelings for you but he’s afraid you might dump him.


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